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GRAEBER, David. Possibilities : Essays on hierarchy, rebellion, and desire .
Article published on 11 January 2009
last modification on 14 July 2009

by r-c.
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Edinburgh : A K press, 2008. 1 vol. (433 p.) ; 23 cm


Pt. 1. Some thoughts on the origins of our current predicament. Manners, deference, and private property : or, elements for a general theory of hierarchy — The very idea of consumption : desire, phantasms, and the aesthetics of destruction from medieval times to the present

- Turning modes of production inside-out : or, why capitalism is a transformation of slavery (short version)

- Fetishism as social creativity : or, fetishes are gods in the process of construction —

Pt. 2. Provisional autonomous zone : dilemmas of authority in rural Madagascar. Provisional autonomous zone : or, the ghost-state in Madagascar

- Dancing with corpses resonsidered : an interpretation of Famadihana (in Arivonimamo, Madigascar)

- Love magic and political morality in central Madagascar, 1875-1990 — Oppression

Pt. 3. Direct action, direct democracy, and social theory. The twilight of vanguardism

- Social theory as science and utopia : or, does the prospect of a general sociological theory still mean anything in an age of globalization?

- There never was a West : or, democracy emerges from the spaces in between

- On the phenomenology of giant puppets : broken windows, imaginary jars of urine, and the cosmological role of the police in American culture.

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