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October 2, 3-4 Florence (Italy).- 4th International Anarchist and Libertarian Bookfair
Article published on 15 January 2009
last modification on 8 January 2010

by r-c.
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To publishers, editors, self-producers, groups, organizations, individuals.
To anarchist periodicals

In view of the success obtained by the three previous editions, the Bookfair Committee has decided to hold the 4th International Anarchist and Libertarian Bookfair at the Saschall Theatre in Florence (Via F. De André, at the corner with Lungarno Colombo) on October 2, 3 and 4 2009.

The Bookfair will be an international event, which will develop around a series of artistic and cultural programmes. Unrestricted libertarian works, publications and cultural productions will be presented by various participants, and by the Florence Libertarian Collective. These activities will accompany, sustain and act as a fil-rouge to the exhibition of libertarian press in all its aspects. In this context, the presentation and discussion of recently published books, but also of audios, videos, and performances will be of paramount importance. It will be a matter of presenting the most significant novelties together with the authors and/or editors/publishers. The Bookfair Committee asks all applications to be sent at the shortest possible notice, in order to be able to define all practical details needed to guarantee the success of the event. When possible, we encourage participants to intervene directly, so as to ensure the best possible organization of their presentation.

For those who are not able to participate with their own stand or area, we offer mixed sections managed by the Bookfair Committee. The Saschall Theatre, with its equipped areas, is easily accessible both on public and private transportation and the Bookfair Committee will provide all necessary logistical support.

We will be grateful for any autonomous initiative directed towards the promotion of the event, so please forward this information to websites, mailing lists, and lesser-known addresses.

Today, even more than for previous editions, a gigantic economic and organizational effort is required: the lease deposit for the theatre must be paid by March and, together with other inevitable high expenses, this forces us to ask for everyone’s human, practical, promotional, and economic support.

We remind you to send your e-mail to the above address. The attached application form should be filled out and sent no later than April 15th, 2009 by ordinary mail or e-mail.

Application form

Libertarian greetings.

On behalf of the Bookfair Committee, the Florence Libertarian Collective

We again ask you to circulate this letter on your publications, promoting the Bookfair wherever you think might be best.

We also ask you to send us newspapers, magazines, books, etc. on consignment, with the indication of the percentage of revenues which is to be earmarked as a contribution to the organization of the event.

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