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GORDON, Uri. Anarchy Alive ! : Antiauthoritarian Politics, from Practice to Theory
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Pluto Press, (2007). 208 p. ISBN-10 : 0745326838

Anarchist politics are at the heart of today’s most vibrant and radical social movements. From squatted social centres and community gardens to acts of sabotage and raucous summit blockades, anarchist groups and networks are spreading an ethos of direct action, non-hierarchical organizing and self-liberation that has redefined revolutionary struggle for the 21st century.

Anarchy Alive ! is a fascinating, in-depth look at the practice and theory of contemporary anarchism. Uri Gordon draws on his activist experience and on interviews, discussions and a vast selection of recent literature to explore the activities, cultures and agendas shaping today’s explosive anti-authoritarian revival. Anarchy Alive ! also addresses some of the most tense debates in the contemporary movement, using a theory based on practice to provocatively reshape anarchist discussions of leadership, violence, technology and nationalism.

This is the ideal book for anyone looking for a fresh, informed and critical engagement with anarchism, as a mature and dynamic political force in the age of globalisation. (Book presentation)

Table of Contents


1 What Moves the Movement ? Anarchism as a Political Culture

2 Anarchism Reloaded : Network Convergence and Political Content

3 Power and Anarchy : In/equality + In/visibility in Autonomous Politics

4 Peace, Love and Petrol Bombs : Anarchism and Violence Revisited

5 Luddites, Hackers and Gardeners : Anarchism and the Politics of Technology

6 HomeLand : Anarchy and Joint Struggle in Israel/Palestine

7 Conclusion



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