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Anarchy in New Zealand - 1982
Freedom Vol 43 No 17, 28 August 1982
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INDUSTRIAL Unionism was the driving force behind militant trade unionism in the early nineteen hundreds. The IWW first established a group in Christchurch in 1908. Such personalities as Tom Barker and J B King were active in a group in Auckland in 1912-1913, through the Waihi and General Strikes. They were selling thousands of copies of Industrial Unionist during this period. After the defeat of the 1913 General Strike, Tom Barker was deported and ended up back in England. King retumed to Sydney. He spoke at a May Day meeting in Wellington in 1932 in defence of Sacco-Vanzetti.

There was a small Anarcho-Communist group in Wellington in 1912. Street fights with police frequently occurred after meetings. A Polish baker called Josephs was involved in this group.

During the 30’s there seems to be individuals who were very active. The Webb family in Auckland and another individual in Wellington. All I know of him was that he was well-dressed and carried a copy of Bakunin’s writings around with him.

Jock Barnes was thinking along syndicalist lines after Savage conveniently forgot to get him a job after the 1935 Labour win. (Jock Barnes was later a leader of the 1951 waterfront strike). There was a Libertarian Socialist Group in Auckland during the late fifties and the sixties. Of course, there were the exiles from Spain - however, few remained active. One person, Werner Droscher, died a few years ago. He left Germany with the rise of Hitler and fought in Spain. Werner was active right up until he died but described himself as a ’retired’ anarchist.

....and today.....(1982)

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