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CAUTE, David. ’68 : The Year of the Barricades

mercredi 11 février 2009, par ps

Paladin, 1988 . 464pp . ISBN : 0-586-08750-8

It can be argued that 1968 was a year that changed the world. Among many changes, it saw the appearance of a new left, insisted on the importance of daily life and was one of the first important transnational movements.

This highly readable book introduces portraits of Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman in the United States, Rudi Dutschke in Germany and Daniel Cohn-Bendit in France. It chronicles month by month events as the reader travels from Prague to Mexico and Japan. The issues are presented and interconnected, including the insurgencies in Spain and Eastern Europe, the British underground art scene and the French New Wave cinema, the political claims of rock music, and for course the Vietnam war, which probably was one of the major structure of these events.