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The Anarchist Response To War And Labor Violence In 1914: Rebecca Edelsohn, Alexander Berkman, Anti-Militarism, Free Speech And Hunger Strikes
Article published on 27 February 2009

by ps

Kate Sharpley Library, 2005. 25 p.
ISBN 9781873605578

A short history of anarchist activity in New York in 1914, at a time of anarchist unemployment protests, anti-militarist work, and protest against US intervention in the Mexican revolution, activities in protest of the Ludlow massacre, the Tarrytown "free speech" fights, imprisonment, and hunger strikes. This short sketch includes several speeches and pieces by Rebecca Edelsohn, who, due to her uncompromising stance in the face of State repression, was catapulted into the public eye as one of the "leading" anarchist women of the time.