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Freedom; an anarchist monthly. (1933-1934)
Article published on 24 March 2009
last modification on 14 May 2013

by r-c.
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New York, Road to Freedom Publishing Ass’n.

Supersedes: Road to freedom Subtitle varies

Vol.I, 1: Jan. 1933. 8 p.

(Jan. 1, 1933-June 1934. Weekly (irreg. Jan.1-Mar 18 1933); monthly (Apr. 1933-June 1934).

Publ.: L. Raymond and Harry Kelly

Contributors: Emma Goldman, Ammon A. Hennacy .

Labadie Collection: 2 v. 29-42 cm.; Columbia University; Institut Français d’Histoire Sociale : 14 ASP 202)

Reprinted by Greenwood Reprint Corp., Westport, Conn. 1970. Introd. by Darryl L. Daskin.

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