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WILDE, Wilf. Nowhere to Lay Our Head: Client Rulers, the Empire of Oil and the Anarchy of Jesus
Article published on 20 August 2009

by r-c.
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Epworth Press, 2009. 300 p. ISBN: 9780716206477 (paperback)

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Wilf Wilde considers the importance of Finance and Empire via the Australian experience before looking at New Labour in Britain and the Scottish path to capitalism. Nowhere to Lay Our Head develops and proposes an anarchist socialist alternative to global capitalism, whilst nonetheless recognising that such a solution will not afford radicals a comfortable place on which to lay their heads. Those who believe ’another world is possible’ will not find it easy to attain. Through its painstaking exploration of globalization, the book affords a much needed revision of the difficulties and demands of a liberation theology committed to social, political and economic justice for all.

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