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de CLEYRE, Voltairine “Marsh-Bloom”
Article published on 18 September 2009
last modification on 25 April 2015

by r-c.
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You may also listen to this poem on the LibroVox website read by Sergio Baldelli

Gaetano Bresci (1869-1901)

(To Gaetano Bresci)

Requiem, requiem, requiem,
Blood-red blossom of poison stem
Broken for Man,
Swamp-sunk leafage and dungeon-bloom,
Seeded bearer of royal doom,
What now is the ban?
What to thee is the island grave?
With desert wind and desolate wave
Will they silence Death?
Can they weight thee now with the heaviest stone?
Can they lay aught on thee with "Be alone,"
That hast conquered breath?
Lo, "it is finished"— a man for a king!
Mark you well who have done this thing:
The flower has roots;
Bitter and rank grow the things of the sea;
Ye shall know what sap ran thick in the tree
When ye pluck its fruits.
Requiem, requiem, requiem,
Sleep on, sleep on, accused of them
Who work our pain;
A wild Marsh-bloom shall blow again
From a buried root in the slime of men,
On the day of the Great Red Rain.

— Philadelphia, July 1901

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