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September 1-3, 2010 - Manchester Metropolitan University: Workshops in Political Theory
Article published on 17 March 2010
last modification on 22 July 2018

by ps

We are planning to convene a workshop on anarchism for this year’s Manchester Workshops in Political theory. We will accept proposals on anything anarchist-related.

The Manchester workshops are unlike most other conferences: an hour is set aside for each paper to be presented and discussed, and the workshop format ensures every paper-giver receives detailed feedback from every other paper-giver in the same workshop. Attendees have traditionally praised this format for both fostering collegiality and creating the space and time for in-depth theoretical explorations.

The standard conference fee is £180. This includes dinner on the evening of 1st September, lunches on arrival and on the 2nd, and one (possibly
two) wine receptions (plus plenty of coffee, tea, and biscuits). For those who require accommodation, the total fee is £240 for two nights B&B in Halls of Residence (a brief walk from the conference centre) and
£345 B&B en-suite in a near-by hotel. The conference fee for postgraduates is £130 (£190 for B&B in the Halls of Residence). The conference fee cannot be reduced for those who don’t intend to stay for the entire conference. (The conference begins on the afternoon of the 1st, and finishes at 1pm on the 3rd.) Please note that our financial resources are very limited. All participants, including workshop convenors, should get funding from their own institutions. Paper-givers on part-time academic contracts may qualify for the reduced postgraduate fee, even if they are not technically postgraduates any more. This would be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Conference Registration:

Lesley Nixon

Chatham Building

Cavendish Street


M15 6BR


Tel: 0161-247-1100

Fax: 0161-247-6393

It will be possible to download registration forms from the conference website as well. The deadline for registration is 30th July 2010.
Delegates registering after this date will be subject to a £10 late registration fee. No one will be allowed to register after 13th August.

Please note that the University restaurant can accommodate no more than 160 people for the conference dinner/reception. Last year we had more than this number of delegates, and we expect more or less the same number this year. Late registrants may find that they are denied access to this enjoyable event, though if you fall into this category your conference fee will be reduced accordingly.