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April 9-10-11, 2010 Toronto Anarchist Assembly
Article published on 21 March 2010
last modification on 12 April 2010

by r-c.
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It’s time for us to gather. To assemble and talk to each other. To bring together folks who secretly or not so secretly identify with anarchism, and continue to build a larger and more vibrant community. Building on last year’s ‘Toronto Anarchist Gathering’ this will be a bigger and better weekend of events including panel discussions, booktables, workshops, social events and more.

We need your help!

We’re writing to invite you to participate in a weekend of fun and anarchism at the Toronto Anarchist Assembly on April 9-11th. This will be a space for a wide variety of anarchist individuals, radical political groups, and anti-authoritarian organizations to come together, meet, greet, educate, skill-share, and hear about each other’s projects and plans.

Hopefully this will be an opportunity to educate some people about what anarchism is all about, to encourage people to get involved with some of the organizing and organizations that exist in Toronto, and to provide a space for already-established groups to hear about each other’s work.

On Friday April 9th, there will be an evening panel discussion on “Anarchism in the 21st Century”

On Saturday April 10, there will be booktables, group tables, displays, and workshops from 11am-3pm. Then from 3pm-5pm there will be a giant go-around so folks can hear what other people are up to. From 5pm on there will be a family-friendly social with food, games, and movies, followed later by music, a bar, and all kinds of anti-authoritarian hijinks.

On Sunday April 11, there will be more booktables, group tables, displays, and workshops.


Want to have a table for books, literature, flyers? Or to sell buttons, shirts, or whatever else?

Send us an email

(priority given to folks with literature)

Want to put on a workshop? If so, send us an email with a short description of what you want to do. We’ll try to put on as many workshops as we have space for.

If you want to help out in any other way, for example, by making a donation, putting up posters, or volunteering to do childcare, that’d be awesome. Give us a shout at torontoanarchistassembly@gmail.com. Also please let us know if you have any particular accessibility requests. We’ll do our best to accommodate.

The Toronto Anarchist Assembly is open to anyone who shares our anti-oppressive perspective against classism, sexism, racism, ableism, colonialism, homophobia, and other hierarchical attitudes, practices and crap.

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