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MOORCOCK, Michaël John.- Breakfast in the ruins
A Novel of Inhumanity.
Article published on 27 November 2010
last modification on 25 November 2010

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The new divine tragedy of Karl Glogauer-surrogate Christ of the Nebula-winning novel ’Behold the man’-begins in the unlikely locale of Derry and Tom’s roof garden. He continues his quest through time and space, searching for Harmony and (if the two are not the same) Freedom from Fear.

London: New English Library, 1972. 175 p. 21 cm.

"A sequence of vignettes of Karl Glogauer at dates from 1871 to 1990 - key historical loci, from the Paris Commune to Vietnam, via Auschwitz. He is frequently shown, coldly, as perpetrator as well as victim of atrocities. Chapter 9 features Glogauer with the army of Nestor Makhno, the Ukrainian anarchist of the 1920s. Makhno himself is shown as miserable but reckless and cruel. The novel is shockingly amoral in presentation, but presumably with the intention of forcing a reappraisal of the reader’s moral stance"

Anarchism and Science Fiction

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