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AMADAHY, Zainab The Moons of Palmares
Article published on 29 November 2010

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Zainab Amadahy is a writer, singer/songwriter and activist with the Indigenous Caucus of the Coalition in Support of Indigenous Sovereignty.

Toronto: Sister Vision: Black Women and Women of Colour Press, 1997. 224 p. ISBN 1-896705-22-7

This fast-paced feminist adventure novel takes place in the distant future
on a faraway world, but it’s a world that will seem strangely familiar to
readers interested in postcolonial issues and Third World politics.

Zaria Aquene - dancer, secret Kituhwan operative, and lover of the leader
of the resistance movement - has a lot on her mind. The new Major’s
infatuation with her is strategically useful - but what if he finds out
she’s a double agent? If she has to, will she have the nerve to kill for
her planet’s survival?

Idealistic, Earth-born Major Leith Eaglefeather believes he’s being
stationed on Palmares to protect its citizens as well as its quilidon
mines. A shadowy group called the Kituhwa is waging a campaign of
sabotage and destruction against the foreign-based mining consortium, and
Eaglefeather despises terrorism. But after a few weeks on the beautiful,
unspoiled violet planet, he is beginning to realize there’s another side
to the story. Are his superiors hiding the truth? And can he really
trust the lovely but contentious local dancer whom he’s enlisted as a

An entertaining must-read for science fiction buffs and social justice
advocates alike, The Moons of Palmares introduces a fresh, sharply
original new voice to the Canadian literary scene.

Zainab Amadahy was born in New York City, USA and has lived in Canada
since 1975. Her mixed-race background includes both African American and
Cherokee. A single mother of three boys, Zainab has 15 years of
experience working in the community sector for non-profit housing,
anti-apartheid groups, women’s organizations, and First Nations agencies.

She says, "I have long been a fan of good science fiction because it is a
genre which sometimes transcends the limitations of our current world,
particularly its ’isms.’"

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