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Arena No. 1
On Anarchist Cinema
Article mis en ligne le 5 décembre 2010

par r-c.
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Richard Porton Arena Guest Editor, author of Film and the Anarchist Imagination, teaches cinema studies at
New York University, writes on film for a variety of publications, and is on the editorial board of Cineaste.

PART ONE focuses on cinema in the early years of the 20th century

Eric Jarry on The Cinema du Peuple Cooperative Venture. Eric is a French anarchist who writes regularly for
Le Monde Libertaire

Armand Guerra "A Note on the UCEE Cooperative". Spanish anarchist and filmmaker. Fought fascism with a
camera. As a 20-year old anarchist in France Guerra helps found the Cinema du Peuple film co-operative

Isabelle Marinone on Educational Cinema. A lecturer at the Sorbonne, Isabelle is a Doctor of History and
Esthetics of the cinema whose thesis was on "Anarchism and Cinema in France".

Emeterio Diez on Anarchist Cinema during the Spanish Civil War. Emeterio is a Spanish historian specialising
in Spanish cinema and whose published work has appeared in Archivos de la Filmoteca, Secuencias,
Cuadernos Hispanoamericanos, Cuadernos de la Academia
and Historia 16.

Andrew H. Lee on Libertarias Andrew is currently a librarian at New York University where he is also
completing his doctoral dissertation on "Gender and the Family in the Work of Federica Montseny"

Editor : Richard Porton. ChristieBooks/PM, 2009. 174 p. ISBN-13 : 978-1-873976-35-7
Size : 153 mm x 229mm. Paperback

Dan Georgiakas on Alexander the Great. Dan is an editor of Cineaste and programmer for the annual Greek
Film Festival in New York

PART TWO : focuses on new media

Pietro Ferrua on Anarchist Film Festivals An anarchist activist and founder of the International Center of
Research on Anarchism) CIRA, Pietro is Professor Emeritus of Lewis and Clark College of Portland, Oregon.

Russell Campbell on System Overload. Associate Professor of Film at Victoria University of Wellington, New
Zealand, Russell has written a number of books on radical cinema’ he is also a documentary filmmaker.

Richard Modiano on Cop Watch. IWW activist Richard is currently based in Los Angeles

Andrew Hedden on Anarchist Video. Seattle-based Andrew has been involved in a number of anarchist
projects over the years and writes regularly for Lucidscreening.com.

P.S. :

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Tel : 07818416851


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