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HEATH, Nick. The Third Revolution? Peasant and Worker Resistance to the Bolshevic Government
Article published on 18 December 2010
last modification on 20 July 2012

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Kate Sharpley Library (Anarchist Sources #14), 2010. 32 p. Glossary. Footnotes. Bibliography. ISBN 9781873605950.

The Makhnovist movement of the Ukraine is the best known of the revolutionary oppositions to the Bolshevik regime. But it was not the only radical challenge the Bolsheviks faced from below. Numerous peasants revolts occurred in the years 1920-22, aiming not to restore the old regime but calling for a third revolution to defend themselves from the new one. Nick Heath here examines their extent, causes and limitations.


Introduction: The Third Revolution? Peasant and worker resistance to the Bolshevik government

The West Siberian uprising (1920-1922)

1920: The Sapozhkov Uprising and the Army of Truth

The Fomin mutiny on the Don, 1920-1922

1921: The Maslakov mutiny and the Makhnovists on the Don

Brova, Mikhail or Brava aka Batko Brova, ?-1921

The Kolesnikov Uprising

Workers Revolts against the Bolshevik regime

Lamanov, Anatoli Nikolaevich 1889-1921

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