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HONEYWELL, Carissa. "Utopianism and anarchism"
Article published on 30 December 2010
last modification on 27 December 2010

by r-c.
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Journal of Political Ideologies (October 2007),
12(3), 239–254.

"challenges the assumption that utopian traditions of
social and political thought have ceased to have any relevance, or make any
contribution to, contemporary thinking. Key utopian ideas, specifically the
importance of a focus on transforming the circumstances and environments of the
present, are transmitted to the modern context by writers working in the anarchist
tradition, who maintain anarchism’s close links with utopianism, and continue to
draw on, develop, and deploy utopian themes. Utopian themes are central to the
anarchist writing of late 20th-century thinkers Paul Goodman and Colin Ward"

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