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Bibliography of Alexandre Grothendieck (Selection)
Article published on 16 June 2011
last modification on 19 May 2012

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Photo: Archiv Winfried Scharlau

- GROTHENDIECK, A. (and Michel SERRES). Correspondence Grothendieck-Serre. Société Mathématique de France, 2001. (Bilingual French-English
edition, AMS, 2003.)

- GROTHENDIECK, A. "Lettre à l’Académie Royale des Sciences de Suède: Le mathématicien français Alexandre Grothendieck refuse le prix Crafoord", Le Monde, May 4, 1988

English translation of Grothendieck’s letter declining the 1988 Crafoord Prize, Math. Intelligencer 11 (1989).

- GROTHENDIECK, A. La Longue Marche à Travers la Théorie de Galois, volume 1, edited and with a foreword by Jean Malgoire, Université Montpellier II, Département des Sciences Mathématiques, 1995.

- A. GROTHENDIECK, "Récoltes et Semailles: Réflexions et témoignages sur un passé de mathématicien", Université des Sciences et Techniques du Languedoc, Montpellier,
et Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, 1986.

Parts available in the original French at http:// mapage.noos.fr/recoltesetsemailles/.

Partial translations are available in English at http://www.fermentmagazine.org/home5.html,

in Russian at http://elenakosilova.narod.ru/studia/groth.htm,

and in Spanish at http://kolmogorov.unex.es/navarro/res.

- GROTHENDIECK, A. " On the social responsibility of the educated, " revue Agone, 41-42 | 2009

If a few weak so-called “strong minds” have commented on an off-beat person’s madness, in the eyes of mathematician Grothendieck, the militant approach is first and foremost an existential commitment to real social change that will benefit the largest number, and where a price will inevitably have to be paid. He sees knowledge as an instrument to be placed at the service of all men. This commitment is therefore everything but a disguised way of “making a career for oneself” and then, after a few easily forgiven excesses (easily put down to youth) in the sons and daughters of good families, stepping back in rank crowned with these noble deeds, turned out ad nauseam by those for whom culture is nothing more than the most complete form of social distinction, the ticket to the world of the dominant class.

- GROTHENDIECK, A. (et al.). Survivre et Vivre/F. SAMUEL ; C. CHEVALLEY ; Alexander GROTHENDIECK. Paris, Montreal. (No. 1 20 juillet 1970 - 1975?).

But du mouvement,

Lutte pour la survie de l’espèce humaine et de la vie en général menacée par le déséquilibre écologique créé par la société industrielle contemporaine (pollutions et dévastations de l’environnement et es ressources naturelles), par les conflits militaires et les dangers des conflits militaires.

cf. Bianco: 100 ans de presse anarchiste; CIRA, Lausanne

- IKONICOFF, R, GROTHENDIECK, A. Science et Vie, (Août 1995) No. 935 pp. 53-57.

- SCHARLAU, Winfried , Wer ist Alexander Grothendieck ? Anarchie, Mathematik, Spiritualität. Eine Biographie, teil 1 : Anarchie / Winfried SCHARLAU / Havixbeck [Deutschland] : The author - 2008. 180 p. 21 cm. Index.

Who is Alexander Grothendieck PDF Translation

A copy at the CIRA, Lausanne

  • Books on Demand Gmbh (Nov 2010). 264 pages. 21.6 x 13.4 x 2.2 cm.
    ISBN-10: 3839149398; ISBN-13: 978-3839149393

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