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KROPOTKIN, Sophie. “The Wife of Number 4,237”
Article published on 12 January 2012
last modification on 17 January 2012

by r-c.
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translated especially for this journal by Sarah E. Holmes from the French of The Princess Sophie Kropotkine.

"It is the simple story of an unfortunate workingman who pays with his liberty and his life for an act of legitimate indignation provoked by the sight of monstrous social iniquities. This picturesque and dramatic tale, filed, with personal memories and impressions, was written by the courageous companion of the prisoner of Clairvaux in the shadow of the walls within which, for three years, the governors of France, obligingly acting as jailers for the Czar, kept confined that ardent and devoted Anarchist and eminent savant, Pierre Kropotkine. "

Liberty 3, no. 25 (March 6, 1886): 2-3; Liberty 3, no. 26 (March 27, 1886): 7; Liberty 4, no. 1 (April 17, 1886): 2-3; Liberty 4, no. 2 (May 1, 1886): 7; Liberty 4, no. 3 (May 22, 1886): 3.

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