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REIMERS, Otto, 1902-1984
Article published on 5 April 2012
last modification on 3 April 2012

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Born Grambek, Germany 1902. Died Laufenburg, Germany 1984

Biography of German anarchist Otto Reimers, an engineering worker who tirelessly agitated for the anarchist movement throughout the reign of the Nazi regime and into the post-war years.

Otto Reimers was born in Grambek in Schleswig-Holstein in north Germany on 17th September 1902. One of six brothers and sisters, at the beginning of the War, with his father called up for the World War, he got jobs working with local farmers and forestry workers to augment the meagre war benefits given to his family. Later on he took jobs as a building worker, and continued with this trade throughout his life.

P.S. :

Otto Reimers Papers

International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam

Correspondence with Günther Bartsch 1971-1982, Augustin Souchy 1968-1982, Uwe Timm 1955-1982, Alfred Weiland 1967-1972, Kurt Zube (pseudonym K.H.Z. Solneman) and the Mackay-Gesellschaft 1957-1981 and others; manuscripts and notes relating to lectures given at international congresses; press clippings, articles, typescripts and other documents concerning anarchism in European countries, in particular in Germany and documentation concerning Nazism and the Second World War.

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