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JELINEK, Wilhelm ’Willi’, 1889-1952
Article published on 5 April 2012
last modification on 3 April 2012

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Biographical information about Willi Jelinek, and information about the anarchist movement in post-war East Germany under Russian occupation.

The dark night of Willi Jelinek

Wilhelm Rudolf Jelinek, or Willi as he was known, was born in Germany on Christmas day in 1889.

He lived in Zwickau, an industrial town in Saxony, in the former East Germany, not far from Chemnitz and the Czech border.

Metal smelting factories and mines are in the close vicinity. From 1922 to March 1933 the anarchist journal Proletarischer Zeitgeist (The Worker’s Spirit) had been edited there.

P.S. :

Günter Bartsch : Anarchismus in Deutschland. Vol. 1, 1945-1965. Hanover,1972.

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