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GANDHI, Mohandas. "Satyagraha vs Passive Resistance"
Article published on 8 October 2012
last modification on 10 October 2012

by r-c.
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Salt March (March - April 1930) Gandhi marches with Sarojini Naidu. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

"My point is that I can definitely assert that in planning the Indian movement there never was the slightest thought given to the possibility or otherwise of offering armed resistance. Satyagraha is soul- force pure and simple, and whenever and to whatever extent there is room for the use of arms or physical force or brute force, there and to that extent is there so much less possibility for soul-force. These are purely antagonistic forces in my view, and I had full realization of this antagonism even at the time of the advent of satyagraha."

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