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PERNICONE, Nunzio. " The Case of Pietro Acciarito "
Article published on 31 October 2012
last modification on 1 November 2012

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Journal for The Study of Radicalism 5, no. 1: 67-104.

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The article discusses Italian blacksmith Pietro Acciarito’s assassination attempt on Italian King Umberto in 1897. The article reviews Acciarito’s upbringing and work, his unemployment, increasing despondency, and determination to make a public display against the Italian government. The author describes the events leading up to Acciarito’s attempt and the government’s retaliation against anarchists. Excerpts from Acciarito’s police interrogation related to his protests against the lavish lifestyle of the monarchy and police tactics of psychological torture are presented. The author asserts that the Italian authorities desired to portray Acciarito as an anarchist and conspired to create a group of false accomplices to distract the public from tying the attack to unemployment.

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