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Cazzarola! CD: Musical Soundtrack for the novel of the same name
Article published on 16 September 2014
last modification on 17 September 2014

by ps

CD 1. PM PRESS, P.O. Box 23912. Oakland, CA 94623. Email. The purchase of the book or of the soundtrack at this publisher come with a free, downloadable, e-Book edition.

Artists: Norman Nawrocki & amici (Crocodile, DaZoque!, DisCanto, E Zhívindi Yag, & more).

Publisher’s presentation

The hauntingly beautiful, Italian flavored album was produced in collaboration with 25 musicians from Italy and Montreal. It contains 16 tracks in English, Italian and Romani inspired by or related to his novel. It’s his 24th album since 1986. CAZZAROLA! (cd 2), with 14 other tracks will be released online later in December, 2013.

The 55 minutes of music on CAZZAROLA! (cd 1) ranges from traditional Italian folk to original contemporary Italian-themed compositions that are folkloric, ambient, electro-acoustic and somewhat ‘indie’ and ‘world beat.’ Waltzes, folk dances, love ballads, prisoner songs and soundscapes are arranged chronologically following the story in the book, spanning 130 years of Italian history (1880 to today).

About Norman Nawrocki:

Norman Nawrocki is the author of several books of poetry and short stories. He’s also an internationally acclaimed cabaret artist, sex educator, actor, and musician, and has released over 50 albums. He teaches at Concordia University, about how to use the arts for community organizing and radical social change, gives workshops about “creative resistance,” and tours the world performing theatre, music, and cabaret. Cazzarola! is his first novel. He has written and performed a theatre piece based on the book and released an album-length soundtrack to accompany it.

About Amici:

Among Nawrocki’s collaborators on the album (’amici’ is Italian for ’friends’) are Italian bands like DisCanto, an Abruzzo folkloric ensemble he met in Italy while doing field research for the album, and Panachrome, a Montreal jazz group. Three of his Montreal bands– Crocodile, DaZoque!, and SANN – also contributed tracks, as did an assortment of other local and Italian musicians.

An interview with Norman Nawrocki about this album

You can listen to the beginning of the tracks here

You can listen to some tracks here