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Anarchist Writers Bloc. Subversions. Volume III : Anarchist Short Stories / Nouvelles Anarchistes

Friday 19 September 2014, by ps

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Montréal : Sabotart, 2014. 204 p. ISBN-13: 9782980993794 (Paperback)

Stories in French or English .

Publisher’s Presentation

The third volume of Subversions collects twenty-three fictional accounts, by authors of varied backgrounds writing in English or in French. Fresh and eclectic, these short stories share an anti-authoritarian perspective. Through different genres, the authors share their reflections and demonstrate the transgressive power of anarchist creativity.

Contents ❉ Table des matières ❉ Sommario

Mémoires divergentes/Steffen
Vent froid/Karine Rosso
MgA – Le coup de l’Arcologie/Bruno Massé
Des débris de révolte/Marhi-Aive
Passer outre/Raphaël Hubert
La vie sauvage/Greez Lee
II/Guillaume Bouchard Labonté
La p’tite crisse/Claud - Soft l’Anthrope
Candidat au suicide/Marie-Eve Gagnon-Beaudoin
Un nouveau cœur/Stéfanie Clermont
Deux fous dans une Porsche/Sarh G
Ainsi font les marionnetes/Vincent de Maisonneuve
L’argenteur/Thomas Ferreuil

Cow Whisperer/Ken Simpson
An Account of the Final Circus/Andrew Guilbert
The Courthouse Roundabout/Lynda Sullivan
Incognito/Peter Gelderloos
Freight/KellyRose Pflug-Back
The Feeling of Ink on My Arm/Skyler Radojkovic
Taking Flight/Feral Sage
End Transmission/Sofian Benaissa
Skinner’s Box/Marcus Peterson
The Highway Binner/Norman Navrocki