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Art and Anarchy
Article published on 26 March 2015

by r-c.
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Anarchist Developments in Cultural Studies (ADCS) is an international, peer-reviewed, open-access journal devoted to the study of new and emerging perspectives in anarchist thought and practice from or through a cultural studies perspective. The interdisciplinary focus of the journal presumes an analysis of a broad range of cultural phenomena, the development of diverse methodological traditions, as well as the investigation of both macro-structural issues and the micrological practices of everyday life". ADCS is an attempt to bring anarchist thought into contact with innumerable points of connection.

We publish articles, reviews/debates, announcements and unique contributions that:

Adopt an anarchist perspective with regards to analyses of language, discourse, culture and power;
Investigate various facets of anarchist thought and practice from a non-anarchist standpoint;
Investigate or incorporate elements of non-anarchist thought and practice from the standpoint of traditional anarchist thought.

Anarchist Developments in Cultural Studies (2011) #2

Table of Contents
Art & Anarchy
Allan Antliff

Anna Halprin’s 10 Myths: Mutual Creation and Non-totalizing Collectivity
Tusa Shea

RUINS for Violoncello Quartet
Allan Antliff

RUINS for Violoncello Quartet
Wolf Edwards

Situating Freedom: Jackson Mac Low, John Cage, and Donald Judd
Allan Antliff

Gambling Anarchically: The Early RUssian Avant-Garde
Nina Gourianova

Groundless in the Museum: Anarchism and the Living Work of Art
Lius Jacob

Post-Works: Nottingham’s Monuments of the Near Future
Melissa Appleton, Matthew Butcher

Modernist Abstraction, Anarchist Antimilitarism, and War
Patricia Leighten

Social Physics
Kika Thorne

Bad Anarchism: Aestheticized Mythmaking and the Legacy of Georges Sorel
Mark Antliff

Becoming Anarchist: The Function of Anarchist Literature
Sandra Jeppesen

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