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2015 April 4 Hamburg.- Asya Abdullah and others speak in Hamburg about the rewal alternatives to capitalist modernity
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Democratic Union Party (PYD) Co-president Asya Abdullah was welcomed at the "Challenging Capitalist Modernity Conference" held at Hamburg University with chants of "Long live the YPJ !". The PYD is the leading political party in revolutionary Rojava and the YPJ is Rojava’s heroic Women’s Defense Forces.

PYD Co-president Asya Abdullah spoke at the Democratic Modernity conference session of the Challenging Capitalist Modernity Conference and criticized the nation-state system. She said, “The nation-state system oppresses all peoples in the interests of a small stratum. Millions of people have been slaughtered worldwide on account of this system. In Rojava we are developing a new philosophy and an alternative paradigm. We are carrying out an revolution of ideas. In Rojava the people make their own decisions and meet their own needs. Communes have been set up and commissions established to resolve problems. This is also valid for economic, diplomatic and defence issues." She added that they are under attack from many sides, but have resisted these attacks, with women playing a key role. Following her speech, Asya Abdullah was given a standing ovation, while "Long live the YPJ !" slogans reverberated around the hall.

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