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May 29 - June 7, 2015 Havana, Cuba.- 2nd Libertarian Spring Conference in Havana
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Taller Libertario Alfredo Lopez, Cristo Salvador, and Guardabosques,
invite you to the II Libertarian Spring Conference in Havana, that will
take place between May 29 and June 7 2015. A space open to
antiauthoritarian and anticapitalist processes and dynamics, that
contribute to forms of socialization and consciousness based on horizontal
relations, mutual learning and responsibility.*

Information and Contact :

*We are looking forward to a gathering that evokes, as its name suggests,
libertarian ideals whose roots seek the key components towards new
beginnings and follow new routes towards explorations and the possibilities
of struggle and transformation.*

We invite you to participate right away with inspirations and ideas that
help generate the thematic frame of the event. Ideas will be welcomed with
all the love that is awakened by honest gestures against oppression.

We will wait for your response, and we thank beforehand your help in the
promotion of this meeting :

One of the lines of discussions will be to identify the opportunities and
the risks of the new approach between Cuba and US governments, but from
workers and common people perspective. Your considerations about this topic
could be a great contribution to our debate. We need to know how
anarchists, libertarians, or revolutionary people have received this news
at US.

In case you decide to come, maybe we can find a cheaper place for you to
stay. We also recommend you to bring a sleeping bag or a tent, since one of
our activities will be staying in a natural space next to a river, for one
night. We don’t have tents, so if you bring one, you could help sharing
your space with some other fellow. One of our lines of interest is to
promote a different relationship with Nature.

Anyway, if you couldn’t come, it would be nice to receive a very brief
greeting video from you or your collective (15-20 sec). We intend to
present these greetings from comrades from other countries during the
opening day.

You can also propose any other way you want to participate in the event.
So, thank you again for your contact. It will be great if we could start a
strong relationship.

Greetings from La Habana
Isbel Diaz Torres
Friendship Committee of 2nd Havana Libertarian Spring

Information and Contact :

Paul Signac, "In the Days of Anarchy"

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