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May 15, 2015 Galesburg, Illinois.- "The Capitalist Climate", Keynote lecture by Paul Messersmith-Glavin
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Alliance for Peaceful Action Symposium
Knox College
2 East South Street
Galesburg, Illinois
61401-4999, USA

May 15 at 7pm Paul Messersmith-Glavin of the Institute for Anarchist Studies will give the keynote address, The Capitalist Climate.

Anarchist Studies

The Capitalist Climate will address how capitalism is responsible for the climate crisis, and how capitalism intersects with patriarchy and racism in creating a changed climate. Alliance for Peaceful Action Symposium is a multi-week long series of radical events hosted by the Alliance for Peaceful Action and collaborators that brings speakers and conducts workshops, teach-ins, round table discussions, cultural events and direct actions.

Paul Messersmith-Glavin has been a member of the Institute for Anarchist Studiessince 1996, and is part of the editorial collective for their journal, Perspectives on Anarchist Theory. He has been involved in social movements for over thirty years, currently working as an organizer with the Hella 503 Collective in Portland, Oregon. Hella 503 grew out of the Occupy movement, and recently participated in a neighborhood climate canvass in coalition with Portland Rising Tide and others. Paul details the process and implications of this work in “Organizing Against Climate Catastrophe” in the current issue of Upping the Anti (No 16). Paul is a founding member of the Youth Greens, an organization best known for initiating and organizing the Earth Day Wall Street Action on the twentieth Earth Day anniversary in 1990, and was a member of the Love and Rage Revolutionary Anarchist Federation from 1989 to 1998.

Paul edited and wrote the forward for Javier Castro’s book, Imperiled Life : Revolution Against Climate Catastrophe (AK Press, 2012), and the essay "Between Social Ecology and Deep Ecology : Gary Snyder’s Ecological Philosophy," published in the book The Philosophy of the Beats on the University Press of Kentucky (2012). He is currently writing a book on the topic of capitalism and climate change, and will be presenting the thoughts he has arrived at both through many years of organizing, and through extensive research on the subject.

Paul is available for interviews and speaking engagements. Contact him at Anarchist studies. Follow him on twitter @glavin_paul.

About IAS

The Institute for Anarchist Studies (IAS), established in 1996 to support the development of anarchism, is a grant-giving organization for radical writers and translators worldwide. IAS has funded over a hundred projects by authors from countries around the world. We publish the Anarchist Interventions book series in collaboration with AK Press and Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative, the print and online journal Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, the Lexicon pamphlet series, and our new series of books in collaboration with AK Press beginning with Octavia’s Brood. We are internally democratic and work in solidarity with people around the globe who share our values.

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