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Fifth Estate : New Issue Update
50th Anniversary Edition ready to mail
Article mis en ligne le 9 décembre 2015

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Fifth Estate exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit

The 50th anniversary edition of the Fifth Estate is currently at the printer and will be shipped to subscribers and distributors in a week. This is a final call to subscribe, renew, make an address change, or order a sample copy at http://www.fifthestate.org/buy-subscribe-donate/subscribe
Since the new issue will be a commemorative edition, we have increased our press run making it the largest in years. Print doesn’t disappear in a day in the manner of the internet, so this issue will be seen when this publication hits its centenary just as are the ones displayed in our museum exhibits. In fact, we are calling for readers 25 years or younger to volunteer for our 100th anniversary celebration. This new issue will be in it.

Our print bill will top $3500 so we need mutual aid from those who want to assure that the anarchist press remains vibrant. The Fifth Estate is strong and growing, but we can’t continue that without reader support through subscriptions and donations.

Our museum exhibits in Detroit remain well attended although the more radical of the two will close on January 3. If you’re in the Detroit area, please plan on visiting both of them. We assume only a few of our readers from out of town will be able to attend, so we will soon post an electronic version of it on our web site.

Here are the exhibition details.
Fifth Estate museum exhibits
Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit MOCAD – Closes Jan. 3
Open Fri-Sun, 11am-4pm.

Detroit Historical Museum – Closes August 2016
Closed Mondays

A Detroit filmmaker, Joel Silvers, has completed a half hour documentary about the Fifth Estate, mostly interviews, but also including compelling graphics. It runs as part of the MOCAD exhibition. It will soon be posted on our site www.fifthestate.org and Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/FifthEstateMag.

The Fifth Estate commemorative t-shirt can be ordered at http://www.fifthestate.org/fifth-estate-t-shirts and is available to new subscribers at a discount.

Please note that the new issue will be marked Winter 2016. This is for newsstand sales and hopefully will not confuse subscribers. It directly follows our Summer 2015 issue. The best way to keep track of issues is through the big numbers, i.e., Summer was 394 ; the new one, 395.

The theme for our next issue [which may be called Summer 2016 !] is No Borders. The obvious connection is with the nation state crisis mistakenly labeled a migrant crisis. We will definitely welcome essays and reports on that aspect, but also encourage writers to consider the No Borders concept in larger and even personal contexts. If you would like to make a submission, please go to http://www.fifthestate.org/contact-fifth-estate/call-for-submissions/ and let us know your intent before beginning.

And, remember to like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.

Thanks for your interest and continuing support.

Best wishes and solidarity
Peter Werbe

Fifth Estate 50th Anniversary commemorative t-shirt. See ordering info at www.fifthestate.org.

Copyright © 2015 Fifth Estate magazine, All rights reserved.
This is an update of Fifth Estate activity.

Our mailing address is :
Fifth Estate magazine
PO Box 201016
Ferndale, MI 48220

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