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Radyo Itim FM, an Anti-authoritarian Radio Project
Article published on 22 February 2016
last modification on 20 February 2016

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Radyo ItimFM is an online anti-authoritarian radio project based in the Philippines. The radio features creative stuff ranging from radical politics, art, design, music, etc. It is hosted by DJ’s located in various parts of the country and around the Globe. It aims to build a community of Cognitariats networking their ideals, skills, and knowledge as a way to diffuse resistance against Capitalism, Boredom, Depression, Hierarchy, and Ecological Collapse.

Radyo ItimFM broadcasts LIVE every Sunday 17:00 (5PM Manila time) streaming a plethora of random sound/music materials from Sebastian Bach, Sound Art, Pinoy Punk, and Kundiman Classics, etc. while discussions arise in between. Radyo ItimFM encourage you to participate in the discussions by calling the radio on Skype. You are also encouraged to use the radio to address concerns in your local community, report Capitalist atrocities in your locality, send love notes, poetry and or initiate dialogues among anti-authoritarians and beyond.