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Anarchism in the Philippines [2012]
Article published on 2 March 2016
last modification on 21 February 2016

by r-c.
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Much is made of the historical connections between anarchism and the Philippines. Not least from the formidable work of Benedict Anderson and his book Under Three Flags which documents the relationship between anarchism and anti-colonialism filtered through the life and works of Jose Rizal, one of the leading figures in the Filipino independence struggle in what Anderson describes as “that dense intertwining of anarchist internationalism and radical anti-colonialism”.

The political activist and novelist José Rizal, who was executed in 1896 by the Spanish authorities in the Philippines at the age of 35, along with his contemporary, the pioneering folklorist, labour activist and writer Isabelo de los Reyes were a major influence on anarchist ideas being brought to the islands.

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