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CRAIB, Raymond B. "Students, Anarchists and Categories of Persecution in Chile, 1920"
Article published on 28 February 2016

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in A Contra corriente, vol. 8, No. 1 (Fall 2010) p. 22-60.

Domingo Gomez Rojas

José Astorquiza had no patience for insolence. The special minister appointed to oversee the prosecution of subversives looked at the young man in front of him. “Are you an anarchist?” he asked. José Domingo Gómez Rojas answered: “I do not have, dear Minister, sufficient moral discipline to assume that title, which I will never merit.” This was not the answer, nor (one could imagine) the tone, Astorquiza desired: “You, young man, appear at these proceedings involved in one of the most serious crimes that can be committed in a Republic: a crime against the internal security of the State.” To this Gómez Rojas responded with an indifferent shrug of his shoulders and a dismissive remark: “Let’s not be so theatrical, dear Minister.” Astorquiza, enraged, issued his order: “Take this insolent boy away immediately, put him in manacles in solitary confinement and eight days of bread and water only.” [1]

Notes :

[1This exchange is recounted in Carlos Vicuña Fuentes, La tiranía en Chile: Libro escrito en el destierro en 1928 (Santiago: LOM Ediciones, 2002 [1938]), 115 and by Arturo Zuñiga in an interview that appears in "La difícil generación del 20," Ercilla, June 5, 1968, clipping in folder 164, M. Segall Rosenmann collection, International Institute of Social History [hereafter MSR, f.]. Zuñiga was a law student in 1920 and secretary of the Chilean Student Federation in 1921. Unless otherwise noted, all translations are mine.

P.S. :

Thomas E. Kennedy, "Two Essays on the Translated Poems of José Domingo Gómez, The Murdered Poet Who Introduced Two Friends in the Next Century: An Introduction to Raymond B. Craib’s Translation of José Domingo Gómez Rojas, New Letters. A Magazine of Wrighting and Art vol. 78, No. 1. pp. 63-70.
Raymond B. Craib, "The Firecracker Poet. Three Poems by José Domingo Gómez Rojas", id. pp. 71-79.

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