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O’HEARN, Denis and Andrej GRUBAČIĆ, " Capitalism, mutual aid, and material life : Understanding exilic spaces"
Article mis en ligne le 24 juin 2016
dernière modification le 20 juin 2016

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Capital & Class 2016, Vol. 40(1) 147 –165.

Authors’ Abstract

Anarchist and Marxist scholarship differ mainly in emphasis : anarchists tend to emphasise cooperation, while Marxists have traditionally focused on exploitation and domination. The most recent wave of anarchist scholarship analyses non-state spaces and practices that stand outside the logic of state and market, while Marxist analyses are still dominated by processes of accumulation and the capital relation. The aim of this brief intervention is to suggest that both approaches are needed, and that understanding life at the edges of capitalism, including possible emphases on relations of mutual aid instead of market competition, is necessary for a complete understanding of capitalism as a system

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