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COHN, Jesse. " Sex and the anarchist unconscious : A brief history"
Article published on 27 June 2016
last modification on 20 June 2016

by ps

Sexualities 13(4), p. 413–431.

Author’s Abstract

‘We need form, not formlessness!’ In Gustav Landauer’s plaintive cry echoes a century-old controversy among the most singular minds of an entire generation of anarchists – Otto Gross, Erich Mu¨hsam, Margarethe Hardegger – over sexuality and the ‘newscience’ of psychoanalysis. At stake in the dispute are questions that continue tohaunt anarchist thought and practice in the 21st century: What ‘forms’ can andought libertarian sexual culture take? What constitutes a libertarian politics of marriageand the family? Does psychoanalysis constitute a complement to the anarchist tradition,a crucial supplement to its logic, or a perilous substitute?