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SHATZ, Marshall S.- Jan Waclaw Machajski: A radical critic of the Russian intelligensia and socialism
Article published on 29 January 2017

by r-c.
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A biography of Polish-born Jan Waclaw Machajski and account of his radical critique of the role of the intelligentsia in Soviet Russia’s political life which was known as Makhaevism.

It took Mama and Galya two weeks to walk to Kiev [in 1919]. They deliberately dressed to look like beggars; in actual fact, this is what they were. Galya went without glasses, and walked holding on to Mama’s shoulder, like a blind woman. No one would have believed them to be poor if Galya had worn her glasses. Everyone treated people in glasses suspiciously in those violent times. They thought them cunning enemies, and hated them bitterly. It is amazing that this distrust of people wearing glasses has persisted up to the present time.

- Konstantin Paustovsky,
The Story of a Life

Chapter 1: Poland and Siberia
Chapter 2: The "New Class"
Chapter 3: The Intelligentsia and Socialism
Chapter 4: The Socialisation of Knowledge
Chapter 5: The "Workers’ Conspiracy" and the Russian Revolutionary Movement
Chapter 6: Cracow-Paris-Moscow
Chapter 7: Makhaevism After Machajski
Appendix: Machajski’s May Day Appeal of 1902

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