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PERLMAN, Fredy. The New Freedom: Corporate Capitalism

Thursday 27 July 2017, by ps

- Self-published. First edition. New York, 1961. John Ricklefs, illustrator.
- Factory School, 2008. 233 pages. ISBN10:1600019994; ISBN13: 9781600019999.

In late 1959, Perlman and his wife took a cross-country motor scooter trip, mostly on two-lane highways traveling at 25 miles per hour. From 1959 to 1963, they lived on the lower east side of Manhattan while Perlman worked on a statistical analysis of the world’s resources with John Ricklefs. They participated in anti-bomb and pacifist activities with the Living Theatre and others. Perlman was arrested after a sit-down in Times Square in the fall of 1961. He became the printer for the Living Theatre and during that time wrote "The New Freedom, Corporate Capitalism" and a play, "Plunder", which he published himself.

Source: Wikipedia