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Mainwaring "Sam" [Samuel] (15 December 1841 Penrhiwtyn, Neath, Wales – 29 September 1907, London)
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Source : <https://libcom.org/history/mainwari...>

A machinist, member of the important Amalgamated Engineering Union, he joined in the 1870s the the East London Labour Emancipation League and was an early member of the Social Democratic Federation. He became a well-known public speaker :

"As a propagandist orator, Sam had his own style of address. It was characterised by clear deliberate thought, argument and enunciation, which held his audience fixed until his message was delivered. He had a remarkable gift of humour, its form generally taking that of a story,the climax of which both amused and astonished the crowds who listened to him. It was a common thing to hear him speak four or five hours at a stretch, often in that time attracting two or three fresh crowds of people." Mat Kavanagh, "Some Little Known Anarchists : Sam Mainwaring," Freedom, 1934. Reprinted in KSL : Bulletin of the Kate Sharpley Library, no. 9 (1997)

According to Tom Mann, he was a major radical inspiration in the British labor movement. One of the first to distinguish industrial action from parliamentary action.
Adopting Marxian socialism, he was disappointed by the Socialist Party, left the group and and founded in 1885 the Socialist League with Eleanor Marx, Belford Bax and his friend William Morris,
But he finally adopted anarcho-communism, and settled in Swansea. There he created the Swansea Socialist Society and associated with J. Tochatti’s anarchist newspaper Liberty. He is also remembered as having coined the phrase "anarcho-syndicalist".

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