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VERNOIS, Solange. "The Nabis. Contribution to the Literature and Performance Arts of Their Time (1882-1905)"
Article published on 21 March 2004
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Thèse de doctorat (nouveau régime) : art et archeologie. Dir. Mady Ménier. PARIS 1 : 1996 [s.l.] : [s.n.]

PARIS1-C.Pierre Mendès-France


This thesis relies on two main ideas : first, the notion of decompartmentalizing such domains as different as literature , music, the fine arts and the press, in order to abolish the frontiers between the real world and the world of dreams, as Mallarmé put it in "Le livre". The structural analysis of poetical works is in the line of the concept developed by Baudelaire in the "correspondances" and which was highly fashionable at the time. The nabis actually contributed to creating the settings designed for symbolist plays and illustrated such great collections of poems as Parallèlement or Sagesse by Verlaine.

The second point relates to the impact of anarchistic thought on the nabis and on the cercles they moved in, and more specially on the members of "La Revue blanche". Those anarchistic ideas spread through satirical newspapers, letting the nabis (and Bonnard more particularly in the Almanachs du Père Ubu ) devise a systematic analysis of language through their search for the autonomy of plastic means of expression

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