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THIOULOUSE, Jean. "Jean Grave (1854-1939) An Anarchist Journalist and Writer"
Article published on 21 March 2004
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Thèse de doctorat (nouveau régime) Littérature française. Dir. Roger Dadoun. Paris 7 : 1994. [s.n.] 3 vol. (886, 19 f.) ; 30 cm



A self-made man, Grave edited the following anarchist papers : Le Révolté, La Révolte, Les Temps nouveaux , for some thirty years from 1883 to 1914 and showed so much tenacity that it enabled him to overcome ceaseless difficulties. On top of his work as a propagnadist for the press (he was to publish some hundred pamphlets with a circulation over two million and a literary supplement), he wrote five volumes devoted to anarchism, the first of which : La société mourante et l’anarchie , (1893) was to cost him two years in jail. He also wrote social novels and a play.

After believing in and wishing for the imminence of revolution, he thought that changes leading to a libertarian society could only be brought about by active minorities and he became an "educationist" whose argument was as follows : One can institute and consolidate a social revolution only if mentalities change and evolve, one must "put ideas into people’s heads" before sparking of a revolution.

Though he did not build up any system, Grave ranks among the few wide-ranging minds that had a great impact on the French anarchist movement from 1880 to 1994.

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