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QUEZADA MOYA, Ivan. "Manuel Gonzalez Prada (1848-1918). His Life. His Prose Writings. His Presence in the History of Peru. His Contribution to Peruvian Democratic Thought"
Article published on 21 March 2004
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Thèse de doctorat (nouveau doctorat) : et. latino-americaines. Sous la direction de Bernard Lavalle. Bordeaux 3 : 1990.[s.l.] : [s.n.]

BORDEAUX 3-BU lettres-Pessac


Following the defeat of the Peruvian-Bolivian confederacy in the Pacific war (1879-1883) against Chile, this Peruvian writer, a forerunner in modernism in his own country, undertook an exhaustive analytical survey of the different aspects of the Peruvian society in the fields of politics, religion, culture, education and social conditions. His aim was to inspire his defeated fellow country-men with courage.

With this object in view, he dedicated himself to delivering speeches and writing articles in which he noted the state of corruption and socio-economic prostration Peru was then engulfed in. Meanwhile, in the philosophical and political fields he was evolving from anti-clericalism into freethinking and from anarchism into socialism; his style was also getting more limpid with a wealth of imagery and terse phrases. His work and ideology did not materialize into a political manifesto because he was more of a writer than of a politician; yet, his contribution to the development of democratic thought in Peru is momentous.

After his death, his influence on the young Peruvian is great. His work is still a source of reflection and debates: the Peruvian problems and evils he exposed are still waiting to be solved.

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