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DELHOM, Joël. "From Philosophy to Politics: Sources of influence on Manuel Gonzales Prada"

Sunday 21 March 2004

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Thèse de doctorat (nouveau doctorat), Etudes latino-américaines: sous la direction de Daniel Meyran, Perpignan, 1996 [S.l.] : [s.n.]


PERPIGNAN-BU Droit-Lettres


This thesis relies on the systematic inventory of the references quoted in Manuel gonzalez Prada’s works (1844-1918) and aims at showing the production and interpretative conditions of the Peruvian essayist’s discourse. It demonstrates how his philosophical and sociopolitical thought is the product of an original and critical cultural re-elaboration which confronts its source in European influence with the Andean realities.

The dissertation also proves the internal coherence of the writer’s intellectual development from Auguste Comte’s positivism to Piot Kropotkin’s anarchism, this progression being obscured by the successive revisions of his essays.

French traditionalists influenced Prada’s antiparliamentarianism and anarchists theoreticians helped him criticize the positivist notion of social order on the one hand and Herbert Spencer’s evolutionism in its social darwinist drifts on the other hand.

In this philosophical framework Prada’s anarchism constitutes the aim of humain evolution, the mutual aid concept going beyond the natural selection principle. It is viewed as the purest ideal of both liberal individualism and Christian universal brotherhood, a sort of synthesis of freedom and solidarity necessities.