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FERRUA, Pietro. "John Cage: An Anarchist put on file by the Brazilian police" ["John Cage: anarquista fichado no Brasil" (in portuguese)"
Article published on 18 June 2004
last modification on 19 July 2005
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VERVE. Revista do NU-SOL - Núcleo de Sociabilidade Libertária; Programa de Estudos Pós-Graduados em Ciências Sociais PUC-SP. N° 4 (2003), p.20-31

The author relates the impressive story of John Cage’s stay in Brazil in the late 1960’s. Ferrua reports how Cage’s character and personality brought to the anarchist groups in Rio de Janeiro a different way of seeing social changes and freedom. He also studies some aspects of the musical and poetical works by John Cage, noticing the relationship between art and politics in his oeuvre. This connection was a strong and original expression of life

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