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1936-1939 The Spanish War and Social Revolution


The Anarchist Militias

The Social Revolution

International Reactions:

- Spain and the British Anarchists


Though the articles mentioned here are limited to the years 1936-1939, the time span of the Spanish Civil War does not limit itself to the period of a military conflict, which in reality was ultimately decided by Germany, Italy and the Soviet Union. The civil war consisted in a large cycle of revolutions and counter-revolutions as well as the guerilla period that followed after general Franco’s "victory".

It was an international event, which affected and transformed many people in many countries. Furthermore, the non-intervention of Great Britain and France caused it to be a prelude to World War II.

The large number of refugees was an important contribution to antifascist resistance, particularly in France.

This "brief Summer of Anarchism" is also an exceptional illustration of the practicability of anarchist ideas within the setting of large populations. There is much to learn from those successes and failures.

Ronald Creagh