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Rethinking Anarchy: Anarchism and World Politics

Anarchist Studies Network

A research colloquium supported by the International Politics Research Group, University of Bristol, the ESRC and the PSA Anarchist Studies Network


Sessions 1 - 4

Sessions 5 & 6

7th-18th June, 2010


All articles may also be downloaded in pdf format from the Anarchist Studies Network. Many thanks to Alex Prichard and the authors for permission to reproduce these articles here.

Adam Goodwin (Ottawa) ’Evolution and Anarchism in International Relations: The Challenge of Kropotkin’s Biological Ontology’

Alex Prichard (Bristol) ‘David Held is an Anarchist. Discuss.’

Shannon K. Brincat (Queensland) and Leah Aylward (Queensland) ‘Overcoming the Cosmopolitan/Communitarian Divide through Anarchism: La Via Campesina and the Principles of Anarchism

Roy Krøvel (Oslo) ‘Global Social Movements and International Relations. Anarchism and social movements in light of the Zapatista insurgency in Mexico.’

Daniel Murray (Stanford) ‘Democratic Insurrection, or, what does the alterglobalization movement have in common?’

April Carrière (Ottawa) ‘Social Movements and the Bolivian State: Anarchistic Trends in Practice and Theory’

Luke Ashworth (Limerick) ‘Anarchy against anarchism. The global anarchical society as a statist world’

Chris David La Roche and Jordan A. Guthrie (Toronto) ‘Anarchy is What Scholars Make of It: Anarchist Thought, IR Theory, and the ’Domestic Analogy’ Reversed’

Claire Harrison (Exeter) ‘Beyond the politics of demand: The politics of the act as exemplified by anarchist practices’

Erika Cudworth and Stephen Hobden (UEL) ’Anarchy and Anarchism: Towards a Theory of Complex International Systems’

Nathan Eisenstadt (Bristol) ‘Anarchism as Global Assemblage: The Paradoxes of ’Emacipatory Governmentalities’’

Carl Levy (Goldsmith’s) ‘Anarchism on the Potomac, when Cheney met Ravachol: the historiography of anarchism and securocrats since 9/11’

Paul Stott (UEA) ‘Anarchism, terrorism studies and Islamism’

Chris Rossdale (Warwick) ‘Rethinking Agency: Anarchist Interventions in the International’

Carissa Honeywell (Sheffield Hallam) ‘Mutiny and the Warfare State: The Prosecution of the War Commentary anarchists, 1945’

Alexandre J. M. E. Christoyannopoulos (Kent) ‘“Him Only Shalt Thou Serve”: A Christian anarchist critique of the Westphalian international order’