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Bande dessinée de Donald Rooum, qui paraît dans le journal anglais "Freedom".

Comic strip by Rooum, published in Freedom, London

Anarchists have appeared in comic books of various genres ranging from cartoon collections to graphic novels. At times these works have recounted spectacular stories such as the history of the Bonnot Gang or commented on current events, as in the case of Bernard Réglat’s “Toulouse, Black September.” Alternative visions of history are also presented, such as the Gord Hill’s vision of Indian resistance. Sometimes the artists have tried to depict personalities (for example, Malatesta), organizations (such as the Makhnovists), or even ideas.
Virtually every style, mood and genre is represented, ranging from the playful, to the seriously political, to science-fiction. For instance, some of them focus on the typical stereotypes and have invented cartoon characters, such as Ernest Riebe’s “Mr. Block,” Donald Roome’s “Wildcat,” or Roberto Ambrosoli’s “Anarchik". Others have reinterpreted novels such as Seyer’s “The Thief” or have created original stories. And as for any analysis of anarchism, you may discover this rich diversity if you do not restrict your observation to a single language.

The Research on Anarchism site presents here a Comic Strip Bibliography. It has been made possible above all thanks to the large collection of the International Center for Research on Anarchism (CIRA) in Lausanne, where these diverse works can be found. I am very grateful to Marianne Enckell of the CIRA, who has sent us a “preliminary” bibliography (as in fact any bibliography must be!).

Ronald Creagh

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