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“No revolution, as spectacular as it might appear to the masses that it arouses, ever brings a single new thing into the world. It is limited to proclaiming what has not only already been conceived, but what has already been achieved. It reveals what existed under the old institutions. It shows the new clothes that humanity has put on under its old, ragged ones, torn by time. In order to triumph, anarchy must already be a concrete reality before the great days of the future arrive. Our projects must be functioning. Everywhere, in our newspapers, in our groups, in our schools, no one should give orders, and no companion should be the servant of others. All must be authentic equals and comrades, guided and controlled solely by self-respect and respect for others, for without strong solidarity between companions, there is no way that anyone can be free!”

Elisée Reclus, "Aux Compagnons rédacteurs des Entretiens", Entretiens politiques et littéraires (juil. 1892), p. 6. ["To my companions, the editors," Political and Literary Interviews (July, 1892), p. 6. Translation by John P. Clark].