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Daniel GUÉRIN (1904-1988)
Gertrude GGUILLAUME-SCHACK (1845-1903)
GUÉRIN, Daniel (1904-1988) GUILLAUME-SCHACK, Gertrud (1845-1903)
Agnes HENRY (1850-1915)
HALL, W. K. (William Knight) (1895- no later than 1912)
online : libcom.org
HENRY, Agnes 1850-1915
online : libcom.org
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FONTSERÉ, Carles (1916 - 4 /1/2007)
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GOLDMAN, Emma (1869-1940). International anarchist
A major international figure, Emma Goldman’s influence appears today as strong as in her times. Celebrated or criticized, she has inspired (...)
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GOODFRIEND, Audrey (New York, November 14, 1920 - San Francisco, January 19, 2013
Lifelong anarchist, she contributed to the anarchist journal Why ? and the pacifist movement. She was also engaged in the cooperative movement, (...)
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GORDON, Uri (Born August 30, 1976 - ....)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Apr. 6, 2012) Uri Gordon (born August 30, 1976) is an Israeli anarchist theorist and activist. He is a (...)
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GROTHENDIECK, Alexandre (born 28 March 1928, Berlin, Germany)
Mathematician, main founder of algebraic geometry, active antimilitarist
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HAKIM BEY (pseud. of Peter Lamborn WILSON [1945-...]
See all the other references to Peter Lamborn WILSON in this web
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HARRISON, Hubert (April 27, 1883 Estate Concordia, St. Croix, Danish West Indies ([U.S. Virgin Islands] - December 17, 1927 New York, NY, USA)
Caribbean-American writer and orator, free-lance educator, and radical political activist based in Harlem, New York.
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HILL, Gord
Social activist, carver, comics artist, writer and illustrator. Gord Hill is a member of the Kwakwaka’wakw nation on the Northwest Coast. He has (...)
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